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Shakey's Pizza: An American Classic

Did you know that 93% of Americans eat pizza once a month? It's true! Think about your own life - I bet you are one of that 93%. Now consider this: 61% of Americans have either started their own business, or have considered starting their own business.

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Now think about your own life again - I bet you are also one of that 61%. If I am right, and you are among both of these groups of Americans, then why not consider opening your own pizza franchise? If you are a smart, motivated, self-starting individual with a knack for business, the thirty billion per year industry of the Shakey's Pizza enterprise needs you!

Never considered owning your own Shakey's restaurant? That's okay, because they have been considering you! Read on to find out how fun, rewarding, and financially intelligent it is to become a member of the Shakey's team.

Shakey's began in 1954 in Sacramento, and quickly became one of the first fast food companies to begin franchising, in 1957. The dream child of Sherwood "Shakey" Johnson, Shakey's Pizza was created as a place to bring family and friends together to listen to great ragtime music and eat pizza.

Since then, Shakey's has become an industry standard and an American classic, with over two hundred restaurants worldwide, proving that Shakey's is here to stay. Of course, longevity is not the only reason why opening your own franchise is the best decision you could make!

The amazing support system is another reason for joining the Shakey's family. As a franchisee, you have the option of consulting a Shakey's Pizza corporate real estate specialist to help you select a site for your new restaurant. After a site is chosen, a site and trade area evaluation is done by a member of the Shakey's development department, in order to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your new location!

And that's just the beginning - Shakey's is there for you, step-by-step, through construction, training, purchasing, operations and marketing. You will never be left alone to muddle through the sometimes complex world of opening a new business!

Think of the last time you went out for pizza with your family and friends. I imagine it was a great time - piping hot pizza with all of your favorite toppings, ice cold drinks, and laughter with family and friends. Every day, millions of Americans seek out this wonderful way to enjoy time with the people they love.

Why not be the one bringing family and friends together? As the owner of a Shakey's Pizza Parlor, you will be doing just that. The Shakey's mission statement says it all: "For today's families who love great pizza and want something special for the kids, Shakey's is the gathering place where everyone has fun". 

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