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A Pizza Pan Franchise: Your Ticket To Greater Financial Freedom

Are you tired of the ever fluctuating job market? Or wondering if your job is next on the chopping block, no matter how many years you have worked for the company? If this sounds like you, then right now is the best time to join the twenty million other Americans enjoying the greater financial and personal freedom of owning their own business.

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If you are ready to stop depending on other people for your paycheck, and start relying on yourself, then it's time to consider opening a Pizza Pan franchise. With over forty-two locations already, Pizza Pan is expanding nationwide even as we speak. If you are a smart, motivated, business minded individual who is tired of relying on an unsteady job market, then it's time to join the Pizza Pan family.

First, lets start with some basics. Pizza Pan has been in business for almost two decades and in that time has expanded from one restaurant to forty-two, with more franchises currently in the works. It is the original home of the free pizza, and in 2004 became "The Original Home of the FREE Pizza & Ribs".

This is one of the many reasons the Pizza Pan franchise is so popular among consumers - great food, at a great price. If a customer picks up their pizza in the store, they get two pizzas for free. If delivered, they get one for free. This also applies to their world class slabs of ribs. For customers, it is easy to be loyal to a place that stands for exceptional food at an incredible price.

Of course, longevity, amazing food, and a loyal customer base are not the only reasons to open your own Pizza Pan! It was also established as a local, family owned and operated business right here in Cleveland. Although it has expanded since then, Pizza Pan restaurants retain the values of a family owned business while enjoying the benefits of a large network of franchises.

As a Pizza Pan franchise owner, you will be offering quality food, great prices, and friendly service. And as you are focusing on quality, local service, you will also be enjoying the benefits of being part of a nationally recognized business, such as being able to offer online ordering.

So, if you are ready to take control of your future, then now is the time to open your own franchise. As the owner of a Pizza Pan franchise, you will be able to enjoy greater financial freedom, offer high quality food to loyal customers and enjoy the benefits of being part of a nationally recognized name in restaurants. What are you waiting for? Grab your future today.

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