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Top Rated Papa Murphy's Franchise

In today's economy, the thought of starting a new business may sound a little insane. Especially, with businesses around the country going under quicker than you can walk through their doors. That is what I thought until I learned about the Papa Murphy's franchise opportunity.

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I had never come across a grilled pizza until I was traveling and stopped in one of their locations. I was actually surprised when I saw that their pizza could actually be grilled on your BBQ. Since then, I have learned that Papa Murphy's are the pioneers of the take-and-bake pizza concept and have become the largest in the world. 98% of Papa Murphy's stores are franchised and have a proven historical record for being some of the best pizza on the market.

Joining the Papa Murphy's franchise family requires a low initial investment. When you compare the cost of joining other comparable franchise chains, Papa Murphys cost is lower than the other chains in their industry. Just because their investment costs are lower, does not mean you will not get the best franchise that money can buy. They believe in strong customer appeal and value.

They use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. They have been voted the best pizza chain in America five times in a row. Owning a Papa Murphy's location is very easy to operate. There are no ovens, no dinning-in areas or deliveries. Since, you do not need to have space for an oven or tables for patrons, only limited space is required.

This definitely will keep your leasing cost to a minimum. The total start up investment is between $203,655 and $348,600 per location. With start up cost this low, how can you not jump at a chance to purchase a franchise?

One of the biggest complaints most franchisees have about their franchiser is that they do not work with them regularly. They do not invest the correct amount of time training new and experienced owners in the corporate way they want things handled.

With a Papa Murphy's franchise, you will get hands-on training in a certified store location. You will also be enrolled in a week long class in their headquarters. After you have spent time in their training class, you will leave with a complete understanding of how to run your business the Papa Murphy's way.

Do you know Papa Murphy’s Survey on Papa murphy makes pizza nights wonderful in my house. Through the Papa Murphy’s Survey , the pizza place is able to remain in business and compete with the rest. That is because, through the answers they get, they are able to know what makes customer happy and what needs to be changed. The survey is to bring all the information they ne

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